Fishing Reports

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Northern pike are being caught on minnows or crankbaits in 13 to 16 feet and perch continue to be found in 7 to 10 feet. Walleyes have bit best off the points and shoreline breaks in 8 to 10 feet, but overall fishing pressure has been light.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Hello from Big Winni. Hardy anglers still out catching Walleye in the Cutfoot and North shore areas east to Mallard point. Jigs and minnows worked slow is the ticket now at the out side of the remaining green weeds. Look to the 7 to 10 foot range.You can also troll cranks in the late evening in the same areas . Perch still going strong west side from Mississippi river mouth to Ravens point. Fish jigs and minnows in 5 to 8 foot of water. As we are shifting to hunting mode now we we post conditions for ice fishing soon. Till then enjoy the woods.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Hello from Big Winni. Many things to do right now fun time of the year. Walleye bite ok with jigs and minnows form the weed edge at 8 feet out to 12 feet of water. Move along til a fish is caught double back there is more than one there. Play the wind . Going with the wind is better right now. Perch are in the weed beds also in 6 to 11 feet of water. Some crappie still going in cutfoot though moving deeper. Grouse hunting in full swing now as 50 percent of the leaves have come down now. It is not uncommon to flush a dozen a day. Deer hunters are in the woods also scoping out spots along with the bow hunters. Local ducks took off with the cold snap. A few blue bills and golden eye are making there way down but our weather is mild at this time. Look for that to get better as fall goes on.

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